Kids & youth Ministries

At Living Word Fellowship, we want our kids to learn the truth of God's Word while having fun doing so. Classes are available for nursery through 12 years of age on Sundays year-round. For young people 13 years -12th grade, classes meet on Wednesdays during the school year.

We are hosting an in-house children's ministry. If you are not yet ready to join us in-house, you are invited to engage with our online experience Sundays at 10 am on our livestream.


If this is your first visit to LWF Kid's Church, we want to welcome you and help you feel right at home. When you come into the lobby, locate the signs that say "LWF Kids Check-In" and follow them to the check-in station or ask a greeter to help you find the way.

At the check-in station, the attendant will put your information into the system, give you a security tag, and give your child a name tag with a code on it that matches your security tag. Then, one of our volunteers will take your child to his or her classroom. If you would like to meet the teacher before leaving your child, you may request to do so at this time. Please check in no later than 9:45 if you would like to meet your child's teacher before service. (Requests to meet teachers may be deferred to the end of service if it is within 10 minutes of service starting to allow teachers to focus on their classes.) Be sure to keep your security tag and present it when you come to pick up your child.

Please note that you will be asked for the following personal information. (We respect your privacy and never share any of your information with anyone.)

  • Your Name
  • Parent/Guardian Name (if different)
  • Child's name
  • Child's birthdate
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Allergies or special needs
  • Permission to take photos/videos of your child for LWF use

If this is your first time visiting Living Word Fellowship, please visit our VISITOR CENTER page where you can get some information about Living Word Fellowship and preregister your kids.

  • LWF Kids Church Check In Station

    We use Planning Center Check-Ins to securely check in every child from nursery through 12 years of age. If this is your first time checking in, please allow an additional 10 minutes to complete the check-in process.


    Before Service: You and your child should go to the Kids Church Check-In Station. If you preregistered, let the attendant know. Here, your child will be checked in. You will be given a security tag with a code on it, while your child receives a name tag with the same code. Please hold on to your tag for the duration of your visit.

    During Service: In the event that we need to contact you during service, we may text you. Please make sure we have your cell number. Please leave your phone on vibrate and where you will see or feel it should the need arise. If you don't have a cell phone by which we can text you, we will send a volunteer to get you.

    After Service: After service has been dismissed, you will return to the Kids Church Check-In Station and give your security tag to the teacher or attendant at the door. Once your tag has been matched to your child's tag, your child will be released to you. In the event that you lose your tag, you will be asked to verify information before your child is released. Anyone picking up your child besides you must have the security tag with them or be in the system as having permission to pick up. Otherwise, we will not release the child to them.

  • Nursery

    Our nursery is equipped with toys, games, and activities for children ages 6 weeks to 2 years. Our volunteers have a heart for these young children. They look forward to and enjoy working with infants and treat them with all the love these little ones deserve.

    We ask that you provide diapers and wipes for your baby, especially if he or she has a sensitivity or allergy to certain materials or chemicals. Our volunteers will make sure your precious little one has a clean diaper before you take them home.

    We provide animal crackers and graham crackers for children old enough to eat them. If you bring a different snack for your child, they will be given the snack you provide instead.

    Nursery is open for the duration of service on Sundays. Upon request, it can be opened during Adult Bible Study as well.

    Nursery open: Sundays at 9:45am


  • LWF Toddlers

    Once a young person is potty trained, they go into the LWF Toddlers class. Here, they will learn the deep love Jesus has for them as it is presented throughout the Bible. Games, activities, and songs speak of God's love for them and age-appropriate Christian disciplines help them learn to live in God's love.

    LWF Toddlers meet for the duration of service on Sundays.

    Meeting times: Sunday at 10:00am

  • LWF PreK-First

    Our LWF PreK-1st class takes young people to the next level with God. Children learn even more about the love of God. They also learn how to worship, how to sit in His presence, and how to love others as He loves them. Every lesson is taught on their level and is wholly the truth of the word of God. Children learn that they really are children of God.

    LWF PreK-1st meets for the duration of service on Sundays.

    Meeting times: Sundays at 10:00am

  • LWF Kids Church

    Kids in 2nd grade -12 years of age can join in our Kids Church. Kids Church builds on the foundations of our LWF Toddlers and LWF PreK-First classes. Children are taught to go deeper in worship, to apply scripture to everyday life, to walk in the ways of the Lord, and to interact with each other through the love of Jesus. Through activities, illustrations, videos, and discussions, young people learn to incorporate their faith in a variety of situations and to keep their eyes on Jesus.

    LWF Kids Church meets for the duration of service on Sundays.

    Meeting times: Sundays at 10:00am

  • Youth 4 Life

    Youth 4 Life is a great place for young men and women in the 7th grade and up to learn how the love of God affects their personal lives and those around them. Through worship, group activities, and discussions these young men and women learn more about living according to the ways of God. They learn to develop their spiritual gifts, to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives, and to develop and maintain their personal relationship with Jesus.


    If this is your first visit to Youth 4 Life, we want you to come right on in knowing your child is welcome here. The Youth Room is located through our Kids Church Check-In Station and up the stairs at the end of the hallway. Just look for the signs that say "Youth 4 Life" to guide your way.

    Our youth do not check in like the younger children do, but if you need your youth to stay with the teacher until you come to get him or her, be sure to let the teacher know. You can expect Youth 4 Life to meet for about an hour, sometimes a little longer. Afterward, if you have not informed the teacher otherwise, your youth will be released to go home.

    Meeting times: Wednesdays at 6:30pm

                                   (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)