June 1, 2024

Pastor viriginia brace

As I listened to the Lord, I heard these words:

Watch closely to what happens in your government the next few days. I know it seems all mixed up but I am moving and doing things you cannot see yet.  

I am beginning to mop up governments all over this globe.

So right now things look gloomy but you must trust me to finish what I have begun. So take a deep breath as I begin this process.  

Now let me tell you what you can do while I am working in your governments. Do you realize that I need you to do your part?

And that is that I need you to stand up and proclaim my Words and let others know that I have everyone and everything under control.  

I know it is important that My People stand tall and repeat my Words with enthusiasm and integrity. As my people get excited and let their belief in Me come out of their mouths, you will see many things happen. But one thing you will find out is that there are more, many more on My side than on the enemies.

As you take my Words and let them come forcibly out of your mouth, you will see the enemy cower down and run away!

I am moving in every household, but you must slow down and listen to Me. How can I talk to you when you don’t have time to listen?

If you will give me some of your time, then I will multiply our time together, and soon, you will see and know how important this is to me.

When you understand how precious you are to Me, then you will enjoy our time together. Then you will be so full of things I have told you during the week that you are anxious to get around people to tell them what I have said to you.  

I know that as you give me of your time soon it will grow to much more time with Me.

Think of it as an offering. You give Me some time and I will multiply it greatly. This is how you truly get to know Me. So while this is going on you get to truly KNOW ME. And while this is happening you will reap blessing after blessing after blessing and promises will come true for you.