LWF Visitor Center

We know meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating, and going to a new church for the first time can be nerve-racking. We want to help make your first experience at Living Word Fellowship a great one before your visit by helping you get to know our church and our church family. Below, is some info on service times, what you can expect, and more.

Location and SErvice Times

Living Word Fellowship is located at 922 Webster Ave in Woodward, Oklahoma. The building sits on the block between 9th Street and 10th Street on Webster Avenue. You're invited to join us for groups, Sunday school, and worship service. Childcare is available during most gatherings.


Adult Sunday School: 9 am

Worship Service: 10 am Sunday morning

Prayer Service: 6:30 pm Wednesday evening

We are hosting in-house gatherings and masks are optional. If you're not ready to join us in person, you are invited to watch online on our Facebook page!

What Should I Expect?

Our Sunday worship gathering is typically about an hour and a half long. We begin with our song service, after which we pray over the kids in LWF Kids Church. The lyrics are projected onto two screens so that you can sing along. Lighting helps set the atmosphere without the use of strobes, flashing lights, or haze. You're invited to worship in the way you are most comfortable, whether that's dancing, standing still, or something in between. After a short time of fellowship followed by announcement and offering, one of the pastors brings a powerful, transforming message of Jesus and His love for us.

Wednesday night prayer service begins at 6:30 and last about an hour. Everyone is invited to meet in the sanctuary for worship and prayer. The youth go to their own classes for age-appropriate prayer, worship, and Bible-based learning. Nursery, PreK, and Kids do not meet on Wednesday nights.

Video and photography are in progress before, during, and after our gatherings. To opt out of your image being used for the promotion of the gospel, please notify the greeter when you come in.

What's the Culture like?

The culture of Living Word Fellowship is loving, relevant, and inspiring. Come as you are and expect to be welcomed into the family. Come and discover what you can do for Jesus and what He will do through you and for you. Join a family of believers whose hearts are turned toward the heart of God and whose desire is to live in the freedom only He can give. 

What about my kids?

What they learn: At Living word Fellowship, we believe that kids should learn the truth of God's Word while having fun doing so. Classes are available for nursery through 12 years of age on Sundays.

Security: Your child's safety is important to us. We utilize a secure process to receive kids and make sure they are released only to a family member or designated party. On your first visit, please plan for an extra 10 minutes to get signed in at the Kids Church Check In Station.

Check-In: The Kids Church Check In station opens at 9:45am on Sundays. It is manned throughout the service to maintain the safety of your kids. If you need childcare during Adult Bible Study, just ask. Your child will be sent to our playroom with an attendant.

Photo/Video: We sometimes use photos from our kids' ministries for the promotion of the gospel. Please let the Kid's Check-In attendant know if it's not okay to use your child's image.

Teachers: We get that it's important for some parents to meet the adult with whom they are leaving their child. You can request to meet your child's teacher when you check in. Please arrive no later than 9:50 to allow plenty of time to get checked in and meet the teacher.

Are You ready?

Are you ready to join us for the first time? Do you still have some questions? Want to preregister your kids? Click below!