Jerry & virginia brace

Associate Pastors

Jerry and Virginia Brace have years of ministry experience and walk in the true wisdom of God. Being faithful members of LWF since 1989, they have been involved with truly every part of the ministry. Now serving as Associate Pastors, Jerry and Virginia are an integral part of the new move of God at LWF.

Jerry was ordained in 1993. He served as teacher, principal, superintendent, and an accreditation officer for the State Education Department. He retired in 1997 after 38 years as an educator for the State of Oklahoma. Pastor Jerry has a Masters in Business Education and is a certified temperament counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association. Pastor Jerry has the heart of a true servant and exemplifies walking in the wisdom of God. He has become a spiritual father to many over the years and a pillar of strength for the LWF body.

Virginia operates in the office of Prophet and ministers in a powerful prophetic anointing that changes the atmosphere everywhere she goes. She also brings insight and revelation to the people through her strong teaching of the word of God. She was ordained in 1993. Pastor Virginia retired in 1999 after serving 24 years in the US Postal Service, 19 of those as a Postmaster. She is a certified temperament counselor with the National Christian Councilors Association and has a B.S. in Elementary Education. In April of 2007, she received a Doctorate in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute in Colorado Springs. Pastor Virginia is a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers (ISDM).

Jerry & Virginia have made their home in Woodward, OK the past 10 years, prior to this they lived 28 years in Vici, OK. They have 3 grown children - two sons and one daughter - ten grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren.