Children's & youth Ministries

Serving children is one of the highest callings in life. We count it an Honor to spend quality time with your children. Your children are a top priority for us at LWF.

God encourages us in His word to "Train a child in the way he should go. When he is old, he will not turn away from it."  This instruction from Proverbs 22:6 clearly points to the beginning of a child's life. Our teachers give their all in creativity and love, using their talents to teach lessons and tell Biblical stories that impact kids.

We believe in promoting stronger families and in planting Biblical principles in the hearts of our kids.

  • KidCheck Check In

    At Living Word Fellowship, we use KidCheck Check-in services to sign in all of our children's ministry kids. KidCheck provides the security of child/guardian tags that identify which child goes with which guardian, providing an added layer of protection for your children. When registering your child, you can include allergies and other information that our volunteers need to know about your child, giving you peace of mind that your child won't be given something he or she can't have.

    When you arrive at LWF, take your children to the KidCheck area located down the Children's Ministry hall just past the bathrooms. An attendant can help you sign in and take your child to class. Only children's ministry volunteers are permitted in the children's ministry hall for the safety of the children. However, visitors and new parents are invited to go with the attendant to meet the teachers and visit the classrooms when they drop off their children.

    For those who want to register your children ahead of time, you can visit the KidCheck website to create a free account. Doing so makes signing them in even faster!

  • Nursery

    Our nursery is equipped with toys, games, and activities for children ages 6 weeks to 2 years. Our volunteers have a heart for these young children. They look forward to and enjoy working with infants and treat them with all the love these little ones deserve.

    We ask that you provide diapers and wipes for your baby, especially if he or she has a sensitivity or allergy to certain materials or chemicals. Our volunteers will make sure your precious little one has a clean diaper before you take them home.

    Nursery open: Sundays at 9:45am

                                   Wednesdays at 6:15pm

                                    (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

  • Toddler Class

    Once a young person is potty trained, they go into our toddler class. Here, they will learn the deep love of Jesus for them as it is presented throughout the Bible. Games, activities, and songs speak of God's love for them and age-appropriate Christian disciplines to help them learn to live in God's love.

    Meeting times: Sunday at 10:00am

                                    Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

                                    (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

    Ms. Marie has a passion to see these young ones raised up knowing the deep love of God for them. She enjoys helping them learn about Jesus and what scripture says about them. Marie has a gift for teaching little ones how to tie their shoes, button their shirts, and develop fine motor skills.  She loves seeing their little faces light up when they accomplish a task.

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten

    Our pre-k and kindergarten class takes young people to the next level with God. Children learn even more about the love of God. They also learn how to worship, how to sit in His presence, and how to love others as He loves them. Every lesson is taught on their level and is wholly the truth of the word of God. Children learn that they really are children of God.

    Meeting times: Sundays at 10:00am

                                    Wednesdays at 6:30pm

                                   (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

    Ms. Lori has a passion to see the children in her class come to know Jesus as a friend and Father God as a true and loving Father. She loves to watch them connect with the Lord and find their peace, joy, and comfort in Him.

  • LWF Kids' Church

    Kids in grades 1st - 5th can join in our Kids' Church. Kids' Church builds on the foundations of our toddler and pre-k/kindergarten classes. Children are taught to go deeper in worship, to apply scripture to every day life, to walk in the ways of the Lord, and to interact with each other through the love of Jesus. Through activities, illustrations, videos, and discussions, young people learn to incorporate their faith in a variety of situations and to keep their eyes on Jesus.

    Meeting times: Sundays at 10:00am

                                    Wednesdays at 6:30pm

                                   (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

    Ms. Sarah has a passion to see young people grow in the knowledge of Jesus' love for them. She desires to see them begin to develop their gifts and learn to walk in them.

  • Tweens

    Young people in grads 6th - 8th come to Tweens. This class focuses on applying scripture to the issues middle schoolers face on a daily basis. They learn about things like forgiveness, doing to others, and what God says about a variety of issues that affect them. Group activities, videos, and discussions help them begin to understand how to apply the truth of God's word at school, at home, and anywhere else they go.

    Meeting times: Wednesday at 6:30pm

                                    (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

  • Youth 4 Life

    Youth 4 Life is designed for young men and women in 9th - 12th grades. Through worship, group activities, and discussions high schoolers learn more about living according to the ways of God. They learn to develop their spiritual gifts, to apply their faith to every aspect of their lives, and to develop and maintain their personal relationship with Jesus.

    Meeting times: Wednesdays at 6:30pm

                                   (no Wednesday Gatherings during the summer)

    Mario has a passion to help young men and women learn to apply their faith as they deal with real world issues. He is a certified counselor who specializes in youth and young adults.

    David and Shawna have a passion to see young people walk in a higher standard of excellence for their lives. They encourage them to discover their purpose and begin to pursue their God-given destiny.