Prophetic Words for 2020

At Living Word Fellowship, we believe that God speaks to us in many ways, including through prophetic words. Each year, we ask the Lord what He would say to us for the coming year. Prophetically, He speaks through a variety of people on a variety of topics concerning our church body and what He has planned for us as we move into the new year. These are the words that have been given for this year.

  • It is time to get out of the four walls of my church and show the world who I am. for it has been all about the church and how to do it, about my body here and there and coming in and going out. But now, freedom is overtaking my church and people will worship with will rigor and... READ MORE

  • The Lord wants to bring forth reconciliation amongst His children this year. Living Word Fellowship has been given a key that will spark the fire of reconciliation in the Body of Christ and will set fire in the hearts of His children to want more of Him that they may give to their brothers...  READ MORE

  • I could say that I heard the Lord say: My child, this will be a year like none other. I will show up in all my glory when you least expect. Be ready, for in that day, many will experience my shaking. But I say, those who resist the temptation to leave or go elsewhere will experience my glory like... READ MORE

  • This new year is a new season for each of you as you look forward with anticipation. In this year of seeing with 20-20 vision, I offer new vision to each of you, My beloved sons and daughters. Not through your physical eyes that view the world through lenses that are clouded with... READ MORE

  • Malachi 4:6 (KJV) - And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers... 

    I believe that the Lord is saying that this will begin to be fulfilled in Living Word... READ MORE

  • This year is a seed. What we do with it determines whether it grows or not. this seed has sight. This seed has sound. It's a jubilant thing, but know that sorrow can't stand in its presence; one will displace the other. Cultivate what you have, and more will be given, and even more will be... READ MORE

  • Dine with me at the banquet table I have set up for you. Eat of the Fruits of the Spirit, for they are always fresh. Drink of the water I offer you, The Living Water, which is never stale, Taste. Drink. See for yourself. The year 2020 will be a year of consuming all I have for you. Do not fear... READ MORE

  • There is a heart change coming by the Spirit of the Living God (Elohim Hayiym). The destitute and the religious are being called to join the righteous in 2020 so they themselves can enjoy the overflowing measure of God's grace. the year 2020 will be a time of trouble, shaking, and... READ MORE

  • Step up and step in. Step in to the new place I am taking you. Embrace it with both arms. embrace it fully. It is not like any place you've been before, but it is a place you have desired to be. Step up. Step in. Come up here and learn from me to walk in this new place. Here, the roads are not... READ MORE