New Grid

- Katherine Spann

Step up and step in. Step in to the new place I am taking you. Embrace it with both arms. Embrace it fully. It is not like any place you've been before, but it is a place you have desired to be. Step up. Step in. Come up here and learn from Me to walk in this new place. Here, the roads are not clearly cut. Here, the path is not marked.

There is no grid for you to follow. Here, you will create the grid. You will create the layout of the land, for in this new place to which I am taking you, none have traveled in your region before. Many have desired to do so but have not known how. You have desired to do so but have not known how. Until now, you have not been ready. Now, you are ready to create the grid, to make this new place ready for the Kingdom that is coming. Yes, My glory is coming, and it is coming like a raging fire. Make straight the path and prepare the way for the coming of the Lord, for I am coming and indeed am already here.