My Power

- Virginia Brace

It is time to get out of the four walls of my church and show the world who I am, for it has been all about church and how to do it, about My body here and there and coming in and going out. But now, freedom is overtaking My church, and people will worship with rigor and praise Me in English and in tongues. There has been a cap on the entire of body of Christ, and this year I am not only removing it, I am blasting it off with My power.

As My power infiltrates Living Word Fellowship, you will move out in a great power explosion. Some of you think you have experienced My power, but it was a trickle.

What I am doing now is long awaited. The world will no longer mock My people. When you speak, My power will flow out with your words, and there will be such breakthrough everywhere with everyone, so much so you cannot list them. You cannot imitate them. The power you as a church are about to experience has never been seen or felt before. This year is the Best of the Best thus far. There will be much to consider as you begin 2020. It is a year of double blessing, double anointing, and double finances. It is a year of gaining new vision and you seeing vision from Me, says God. It is a year of restoring all, a year of gifts and surprises, a year of awakening, and a year of revival, personal and corporate. No one on earth will be able to remain the same by the end of 2020.

Get your expectors out and watch what I am doing. You will all be changed as you experience Me.

Pay attention to the small things because they will become big things. The small kindness you show others will be genuinely rewarded. this is such a fantastic year for my church. When the miracles and healings with signs and wonders break out in this church, you won't be able to hold all those who come. This will be a demonstration of My power working through you as My church and My body. Prepare yourself for all things new. Time to move out and step in.