A Seed

- Kellye Daniel

This year is a seed. What we do with it determines whether it grows or not. This seed has sight. This seed has sound. It's a jubilant thing, but know that sorrow can't stand in its presence; one will displace the other.

Cultivate what you have and more will be given, and even more that will be multiplied. It's time to see things from a different perspective - that of an overcoming champion. Defeat is not our inheritance, but taking back everything that has been stolen from us and our generations is.

Even now, our joy is returning and we feel more energetic. The Word of the Lord inspires and invigorates. It sets things in motion that have been stalled. Let's hear ourselves rising up and not just sitting down and taking what the enemy dishes out, just hoping to endure. Our song is the weapon of choice in this new era. We're armed and dangerous, thoroughly intimidating to the enemy.

Our sins are forgiven - there's spiritual dynamics in this truth that causes things to unlock and properly align within us. We are dynamic - we are forgiven. We are victorious - we are forgiven. We are released - we are forgiven. We are the head and not the tail - we are forgiven. When our ears hear our own mouth decree it, our thinking begins to agree. Said enough, and our heart aligns. The heart always wins out, so it's important to take charge of our thinking and pull down what doesn't agree with the Word and move on with the acceleration that comes with this year and this decade.

This is a time of decreeing the positive change we need. A decree is a seed, and what we plant is the return we'll get. This is the decade of the mouth, so our words have more muscle than ever - for good or bad. This is the time to speak abundance, prosperity, blessing, kindness, and grace. These are seeds that have huge returns, which will cause us to move out, to break out, to go beyond our former limitations.