A Call to Join

- Robert Sirmons

There is heart change coming by the spirit of the Living God (Elohim Hayiym). The destitute and the religious are being called to join the righteous in 2020 so they themselves can enjoy the overflowing measure of God's grace.

The year 2020 will be a time of trouble, shaking, and severance for those who have willfully separated themselves from the Father. The people of the world will be severed from the people of God.

Their words will be the testimony against them, and their words have set their feet on their own path. This path is one of drought, sorrow, pride, and usury. Those on this path have used others for their gain, will use others for their gain, and will be used for others' gain, to their destitution.

Their accounts will dry up like their rivers. Their crops will shrivel like their influence. their voices will no longer be heard in the places of terrestrial power.

Their words have driven their destitution, because they have said in their pride that "We are the masters of our destiny, and the  spirit of God is not with us!"

The people of God, during this year, however, will be lifted up and protected. God will provide and nurture His church. He has spread an blanket of His grace out above and below His people. He has a cup of sweet drink to quench our thirst, and a warm fresh bread to feed our bodies. Creamy cheeses and succulent meats are spread before us to enjoy to satisfaction. The crispness of the garden has been arrayed before us to refresh us.

The provision of God is here for the Church to have, collectively, for our health, refreshment, and sustainment.

However, we are not being sustained for us to enjoy it as if we were gluttons. God will flood the Church with grace this year. Abundance is being released from unlikely sources. Accounts that were held in trust are being unlocked for this time and the corrupt no longer have the keys to them.

Righteous people are being selected by their hearts to manage these funds so that the destitute can be sustained by God's grace, that they have rejected by pride. Pride will crumble as righteousness begins to sustain the common man once again.

The lips of the destitute are being primed to say once again, "The Lord, He is God; the Lord, He is God!" by the hands of the righteous who bring to them directly the grace available to God's own possession, His people whom He loves and protects.

The lips, hands, feet, and hearts of the righteous will be released with supernatural agency to transform lives and to release the seeds of life into parched people who are not yet receptive to the Word of God. These seeds are predestined to grow, without successful interference from the enemy, into a harvest of future intercessors, prophets, teachers, pastors, and apostles.

A double anointing will be the base level inheritance for this harvest and the Father has promised these sons and daughters access to so much more.

Praise and prayer will be card-key access to these accounts, and these sons and daughters will be a pass-through people who will flood the territories around them with God's ever-abundant grace.