20-20 Vision

- Lori Taylor

This new year is a new season for each of you as you look forward with anticipation. In this year of seeing with 20-20 vision, I offer new vision to each of you, My beloved sons and daughters, not through your physical eyes that view the world through lenses that are clouded by human reasoning and judgement. You were born-again to see with the eyes of your spirit, to awaken to a love that holds not record of wrong, a love without conditions or expectations, love that sees beyond what is visible to the human eyes able to see - the beautiful being in every person that I created beautiful.

The one I want you to behold the beauty of first is you, dear one. You are the light of the world and, My Kingdom is within you. You are the temple in which I dwell. I came to live in your heart. I died to make the way for this reconnection that can never be severed. Nothing can ever separate you from My love again. That is how deeply you are loved by Me and how beautiful you are to Me.

Close your eyes for a moment and picture a beautiful tapestry that is being woven with great care, radiant with beautiful colors and intricate detail. Each thread is added, one by one - a flawless design. Though the tapestry is not finished, you can see that it is a labor of love in the hands of the Designer and Creator, priceless and one of a kind, even while it is still a work in progress. This tapestry that you see is unique. You are the tapestry, designed and woven by Me. The gold threads are the Light of My love and My glory that are in your spiritual DNA.

In this new year of 2020, be one with Me in seeing others through the eyes of your spirit as beautiful and loving them as you love yourself.